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The powerful academic success platform

Benefits for Educational Institutions

Academic performance improvement

The right student support improves their academic performance and decreases their dropout.

Automation and digitization of processes

Real-time management of sessions, students, and tutors in a single platform.

Statistical analysis

Generate reports for better decision-making to identify the areas of opportunity within each department of your institution.

Added value for your school

Offer a digital platform for student support accessible from any device.

Reduce your dropout rate

With Linc, students can connect right away with tutors to overcome their academic workload. Anytime, anywhere.

Reduce economic resources

We automate and digitize the management of tutoring centers to reduce their budget.

Benefits for tutors

A digital platform to manage tutoring sessions

Manage your sessions and availability to teach them from a single place.

Instant connection with students

Communicate with your students right from the chat offered by the platform.

Different ways to learn

You can teach online or in-person sessions, 1-on-1, or group.

Real-time notifications

Get instantly notified when students request sessions or want to contact you.

Benefits for students

Student support, anytime, anywhere

We make it possible for students to instantly connect with tutors from their school to request academic, psychological, psycho-pedagogical counseling, and more.

Increase in their student satisfaction

Happier students with the right support show an increase in grades by 12%

Learning flexibility

Students can request online or in-person sessions, in the modality 1-on-1 or group.

Increase in their academic performance

96% of students who take counseling show academic improvement.


Make better decisions based on data

Activity by department

The statistics can be segmented by academic department, session modality, and more

Activity by student or tutor

Reports can be generated by a specific student or tutor.

Areas for improvement and opportunity

We provide information on the areas or services with the highest demand from students for a continuous improvement of the tutoring services offered by the institution.

Exportable reports

Our control panel shows the most relevant statistics using interactive graphs with the option of generating reports in Excel format.

Join the network of institutions who already use Linc!

Susana Navarrete
Center for Student Success
Tecnologico de Monterrey
“With Linc, we are more efficient. The contact between students and tutors is immediate and much easier thanks to technology. The number of sessions has increased, and as a result, we have more data to make better decisions, helping us to prevent the dropout of our students.”
Jose Antonio Barriga
Director of Student Success
Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara
“I highly recommend that other universities adopt the Linc platform, and get aboard the edtech train to digitize their Student Success departments and reduce their dropout rate.“

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Tutoring sessions at the fingertips of your students.

Web Application

Virtual classroom to teach online tutoring sessions.