A single platform to control your tutoring center

All administrative tools to manage your student’s support at the hands of your academic staff.

We simplify the work of your academic staff

Our powerful platform simplifies and automates manual processes within academic departments so they can focus on what matters.

Control Panel Features

Reports and statistics

Get the most relevant information on the use of the platform and the demand of sessions. Additionally, you can export reports to an Excel file.

User management

Manage students and tutors using the platform.

Educational offer management

Manage the departments, topics, and subjects that each tutor can teach.

Explore the academic demand

Check the session’s activity (pending, upcoming, ongoing, and completed) that is happening in your institution in real-time.

Measure the student’s satisfaction

Obtain the performance of students in each of their taken sessions to continuously improve your tutoring center services.

Make better decisions based on data

Linc will become your best tool, helping with fundamental statistics to measure the academic performance of your students and the professional capacity of the tutors.

More features

Our control panel is simple to use, offers a friendly interface, and is accessible from any web browser.

Built-in features

Permission levels

You can set different permissions for each administrative user with access to the control panel.

Custom branding

Our control panel allows you to customize the platform with the identity of each institution.

Access control

Only the community of your institution can access the platform through different authentication methods.


All our products including the control panel are ready to use in Spanish and English.

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Mobile Application

Tutoring sessions at the fingertips of your students.

Web Application

Virtual classroom to teach online tutoring sessions.