Using Linc to build a supportive community between students

In the Student Success Center at "Tec de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara", there is the Student Advisor Program where student advisors provide academic support to incoming students.

Since they began working with Linc's platform more than 3 years ago, the program has increased its impact on the attention of students. In addition, its scheduling and communication process has been digitized.

Today, Linc is used on multiple campuses of the institution in departments such as the Writing Center, where tutors offer writing support on essays and papers to students.

Tecnologico de Monterrey Guadalajara Campus (Jalisco, Mexico)

In this short video, Susana Navarrete, who is the leader of the Student Advisor program in the Guadalajara campus, shares her experience using the Linc platform to provide academic support between students.

    8,500 students
    500 teachers
    2 campuses

“With Linc, we are more efficient. The contact between students and tutors is immediate and much easier thanks to technology. The number of sessions has increased, and as a result, we have more data to make better decisions, helping us to prevent the dropout of our students.”

Susana Navarrete

Center for Student Success