Using Linc to provide academic and psychological support to students

At the "Instituto Tecnologico de Colima", promoting students' integral formation and seeking actions to achieve it, has always been one of their main priorities.

Before implementing Linc, the connection between students and tutors on the institution was handled manually, making it difficult for the Student Success Center to coordinate the demand of tutoring and advising sessions as well as the record keeping and reporting, it was really time consuming.

The Linc platform has changed the way students request support. They can now schedule sessions on the go with certified tutors, and the academic staff can have all the demand centralized under one platform, obtaining the most relevant insights in a real-time basis for better decision making.

Tecnologico Nacional de Mexico Colima Campus (Colima, Mexico)
In this short video, Martha Cecilia Ramirez, who is the Director of the Student Success Center, shares with us the importance of students’ advising, the challenges they have faced, and how they have solved them.
    3,000 students
    300 teachers
    1 campus

“Linc has allowed us to be more efficient, provide better academic advising and have direct feedback between students and tutors.“

Martha Cecilia Ramírez

Director of the Student Success Center