In search of an easy-to-Implement, scalable tutoring platform

At “Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara”, it’s a priority to offer academic and emotional support to students during their graduation trajectory.

Before working with Linc, the tutoring schedule was made through contact forms and mailing tutors directly. The process was complicated and inefficient as there was no easy way to track the tutoring center’s activity in real-time.

Linc came to solve this problem. They’ve been using our platform for more than three years and have now digitalized and shortened the communication process between students and tutors, making Linc the tool of daily use by students to request support.

Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara Guadalajara Campus (Jalisco, Mexico)

In this short video, the Director of Student Success at "Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara", Jose Antonio Barriga, shares how the Linc platform has facilitated the way students request tutoring services increasing their engagement and learning outcomes.

    15,000 students
    2,000 teachers
    2 campuses

“I highly recommend that other universities adopt the Linc platform, and get aboard the edtech train to digitize their Student Success departments and reduce their dropout rate.“

Jose Antonio Barriga

Director of Student Success